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Greg Abbott, after spending much of this past month campaigning with a child rapist, was in Lubbock for a campaign event designed to show off how much support he has in the Latino community. Some members of the Latino community in Lubbock were less than pleased with his half hearted effort, especially Lubbock City Councilmember Victor Hernandez

When the subject of Cecilia Abbott came up at a press conference the Democrats held at the same restaurant on Wednesday, Hernandez said he did not “want to say a whole lot about his wife, because this really isn’t about his wife. It’s about her husband,” according to the Fox story.

He also called on the attorney general to “go beyond the props of a background of a Mexican restaurant, and actually come to our community.”

Hernandez additionally referred to Abbott’s campaign swing as ‘pinata politics’ which is a pretty sweet way of saying Abbott’s interest in the Latino community is merely for show, which makes complete sense. Note that in this there’s no mention of the fact that Abbott’s wife is Latina. That part doesn’t come up until here…

After the appearance, Abbott said from his Twitter account, “Ha! Democrats frustrated about my #Latina wife & growing connection (between) Hispanics & Republicans.” He linked to the Fox story that quoted Hernandez.

In a subsequent tweet on Friday, Abbott expressed outrage that Hernandez had allegedly referred to his wife as a “prop.”

“It’s deeply offensive that a Democrat elected official called my Latina wife of 32 years a ‘prop,'” Abbott wrote. He linked to a blog post written by former Republican Party spokesman Bryan Preston. In the post, Preston wrote that a “source tells me that Hernandez callously dismissed her as a ‘prop.'”

You see, Abbott DOES need Latino votes to win and contrary to his Pollyanna-ish tweet, he’s actually driving them away from his campaign, not toward it. He’s also had a pretty brutal last two weeks as people caught on to the fact that he likes to pal around with a child molester. Needless to say, he needed something to distract attention and, miraculously, a former Republican Party spokesman with a blog magically appears with a questionable quote designed to create a manufactured crisis.

Yeah, it’s made up in an effort to deflect from the fact that the only Latina who likes Greg Abbott is his wife. I wonder how she must feel about her husband being besties with a guy who likes to rape little girls…

bnugent and abbott

And, in honor of Ted Nugent’s faaaaavorite pass time, here’s the immortal Maurice Chevalier…

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