Being Wendy’s Bitch

It’s hard out there for Greg Abbott these days. He’s had to deal with the fallout from his friendship with a child molester and the botched rollout of his low-rent education plan, which came under attack because it cribbed extensively from the work of Charles ‘Women Just Aren’t As Smart As Men’ Murray. If you’re wondering who Chuck is, check out this page at the Southern Poverty Law Center. For me, I stopped reading as soon as I read that he was a ‘fellow’ at the American Enterprise Institute, an organization which produces ‘academic research’ on the:

1) Non-reality of Climate Change
2) Benefits of supply side economics (using ‘select’ data to, you know, arrive at preconceived conclusions)
3) Job creators and how awesome they are
4) Takers and how much they suck (take that, Grandma!)

Needless to say, it’s a been a shitty couple of weeks for Team Abbott mostly because the Davis Campaign is making him their bitch. Friday’s press release mocking Abbott’s pathetic attempt at cleaning up the mess over the inclusion in his education plan of Pre-K standardized testing (yeah, you read that right) was absolutely brilliant. Abbott’s PR Machine Of Fail came up with the brilliant idea to say that the testing piece was ‘for information purposes only’. Davis’s comms people picked it up, ran with it and made it a thing. Special love to the genius who included this…

NOTE: If you agree with this release, please consider it real. If you find it offensive or unpopular, please consider it for “informational purposes only”.

at the top of the release. When I meet you, I’m going to kiss you right on the mouth!

It’s just absofuckinglutely wonderful to see you guys hitting on all cylinders. Fantastic work!

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