General Abbott in ‘PanderMan : The Quest For Relevance’

Greg Abbott, in a sad attempt to piggyback the notoriety of infamous welfare rancher and cheat Cliven Bundy is bravely taking on the BLM in order to stop them from doing something they haven’t said anything about doing.

Seriously, you gotta be a pretty big dummy to buy the ‘well, if they ain’t hiding something, why would they tell us there’s nothing going on?’ argument. This one is pretty stupid even for Abbott who is rapidly becoming the gift that keeps on giving especially with regard to his very real hypocrisy…

“You would think that a young man, at the start of his career, crippled by an injury, would want to make sure that others that may have the misfortune to follow in his footsteps would ensure that those people had the opportunity to be compensated for their injuries in the same way he was,” said Tommy Fibich, a Democratic donor and personal injury lawyer. “He instead closed the door because that would help him get re-elected.”

Abbott defense is that the law still allows for settlement like the one he received which is kinda true if you live in an alternate reality Texas.

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