This week in funny…(so far)

  • Lobbyist and really bad investor Sid Miller, who faces successful businessman Tommy Merritt in the runoff to be the Republican candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, is all kinds of butthurt that the Houston Chronical endorsed Merritt over him.

    Sid Miller

    Sid, bubba, no need to get all upset. Commissioner of Agriculture is an important job. TDA has a budget of more than half a billion dollars and it’s gonna be too much for a guy who bought GM AS IT WAS HEADING INTO BANKRUPTCY.

  • Steve Adler, candidate for Mayor of Austin, kicked off his campaign on Sunday. The breathless writeup from Austin Bulldog has all the highlights including deets on the crowd, which included pigbeastshitbox Gerald Daugherty:

    “I’m ready for a change, to give a guy a shot who’s been a business guy,” Daugherty. “One of the problems we’ve got is we can’t get business-minded people involved. Some of my party are against government in general,” he said. “… most people want to see some changes.”

    Yeah, I don’t know what the fuck this means either, but it does make it appear that Adler is the choice of Republicans. I think I hear Mike Martinez and Sheryl Cole laughing hysterically somewhere.

    I was unable to attend the big announcement and it bummed me out because I love Amy’s Ice Cream. Then I remembered that the only flavor I really like is the Orange Amaretto and they probably wouldn’t have that since they never seem to AT THE DAMN STORES.

    For those of you interested in Adler, here is a link to another Bulldog article which features an issues Q&A with him. I can summarize here:

    Austin Bulldog: What do you think about this INSERT ISSUE HERE?
    Steve Adler: I think ISSUE is a problem, I think we need to do something about it (but I’m not sure what).

    And repeat.

    Seriously, though, for someone who has been thinking about running for mayor for months, he’s shockingly under prepared. For example, conservation and reuse ain’t going to be enough to solve our water issues… there’s an easy answer but I don’t know if he can get there without convening a committee.

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