And the hits just keep on coming

  • In a followup to our piece on property taxes, we found this proposal from Senator Watson which is just complete crap.

    Here’s a simple rule for everyone in Texas: If a politician tells you they have a solution to high property taxes and it doesn’t involve an income tax, you need to STOP LISTENING. Anything else is analogous to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  • The DMN has a great piece on the overreliance in Texas on toll roads. The funny thing is that the money quote comes not from a Democrat, but from a Republican…Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Senator John Carona:

    Carona, the state senator, said the reliance on tolls actually costs North Texans more than raising the gas tax would have. He said that toll projects cost more than three times what free roads do because they involve much more complicated financing methods and typically involve private developers who aim to make a profit.
    Carona said politicians who pat themselves on the back for not raising the gas tax have effectively hit their constituents’ pocketbooks harder.
    “It’s been a hoax on the public,” he said.

    Thank you, Senator Carona, for finally saying in plain English what we’ve known to be true since 2006.

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