Let me introduce you to Schmucky McSchmuckerson

Jeff Davis, President of the Austin chapter of Log Cabin Republicans, is a schmuck. While we admit he seems like an earnest and hard working guy, he’s still a schmuck and so are his fellow Log Cabin members. Yes, while the rest of us are living our lives, these schmucks are trying to reshape a party that is effectively defined as old, white, fat, and stupid by asking them to reconsider their ignorant opinions on homosexuality.

Oh, yeah… if you’re Republican you’re probably also wrong on economic and tax policy. But neither make you a schmuck, they just make you kind of goofy like Mitt Romney who can’t even calculate an effective tax rate without making the very stupid mistake of adding together the rates of all the different kinds of taxes paid by a self employed business owner. What makes you a schmuck is trying to change a party that is run by activists who think homos are barely human.

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