Well f*ck you too, Ken

Ken Herman has a nice little rant about the anniversary of the Davis filibuster in the Statesman. It’s honestly not a bad piece and I find myself agreeing with him or, rather, I would agree with him if his recollection matched reality. There are two niggling points…

1) The ‘screamers’ didn’t start screaming until Dewhurst acted to cut off Sen. Davis based on nothing. When the majority in the Senate can’t be bothered to do what’s right, those from the outside, peacefully, SHOULD do their part. The fact that Herman doesn’t see it that way is disturbing and frankly surprising given that he’s not a stupid guy. Where is Herman’s indignation at the fact that NOT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN stood with the Democrats to stop Lt. Governor Dewhurst from moving to cut off Senator Davis?

2) There’s a larger point here that the press better get around soon… the idea that they need to upbraid Democrats for not acting weakly and then NEVER TAKE REPUBLICANS TO TASK ON ANYTHING. That’s why the title of this piece reads the way it does… I refuse to take ANY criticism from a Pulitzer winner who doesn’t bother to even mention the anti-Democratic actions of the Senate Majority trying to silence the Minority.

Of course, none of this even matters… less than 20k people will bother to read Herman’s piece, fewer still will care. Poorly written commentary like this is why print media continues it’s long, slow death.

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