Wishing Wendles Well

The Observer has a pretty good piece up about the Davis campaign and some advice regarding how to fix things. I agree with much of it except for the idea that Wendy needs to recapture her hero status. I’d really prefer to just see an absence of pandering and a commitment to common sense proposals that will put Texas back on course. It’s not a big leap, it’s just a tiny step… STAND FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN NOT BEING GREG ABBOTT. As for the negative, why is the Davis campaign even talking about General Abbott? In this cycle, on that ballot, HE is a non-entity. There’s a far bigger target that Texans should fear and you’re ignoring him just because he’s in a different race?

Come on, folks… I’m going to give you a week to figure it out and if you can’t, call me and I’ll clue you in.

Until that happens, we’re wishing Wendles nothing but the best but we’re going to focus on LVDP. Speaking of, Stace has a fantastic update on her campaign activities where she’s focused on bringing jobs to Texas unlike her opponent who is hellbent on making them go away.

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