How do you keep an act viable, always producing a product that appeals to the changing tastes of a fickle public? The answer, as Madonna has so brilliantly illustrated, is to reinvent oneself. Keep coming up with a fresh look, and even if you’re putting out pretty much the same crap as always, well, that’s where the marketing department earns its keep.
The latest to go down the reinvention road is the endangered senator from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman. In an op-ed piece in the Hartford Courant, the three-term senator proclaims himself the posterboy for the New Politix:
{For added entertainment value, read all the quotes in Joe’s condescending, whiny voice.}

A new politics of unity, purpose and hope, in which our top priority is not to win the election by tearing down our opponents but to help the people we serve build a better future.

…While simultaniously proclaiming his opponent Ned Lamont, hero of Kos and the rest of the liberal blogosphere

Represents the old politics of partisanship, polarization and negativism.

My opponent’s idea of change is no change. He wants to simply wrap the partisanship and polarization of the last few years in a blue ribbon instead of red one.

Still, even for a rockstar like Joe Lieberman, there are limits to reinvention. In the same piece, he can’t help bragging

When the Department of Defense tried to close the New London submarine base in 2005, I immediately went to work with Gov. M. Jodi Rell, Sen. Chris Dodd, our Democratic and Republican House members and a nonpartisan team of local leaders to provide a united, effective voice for our constituents in Washington. We called ourselves Team Connecticut, and that is exactly what we were.

Because we worked together as a team, and checked our party differences at the door for the good of our state, we were able to save the sub base and the 31,000 jobs that depend on it, protect our state’s economy and preserve a vital part of our national defense.

Because you never know when you might need that sub base if the Soviet Union starts acting up on us. And meanwhile, the pork doesn’t fall far from the barrel.
Joe, you material girl!

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