Don Zimmerman steps in metaphorical shit and finds it hard to remove from shoe…

The Austin Chronicle has a piece up about Don Zimmerman’s apparent SLAPP suit against the Austin Bulldog for accurately reporting Zimmerman’s lost custody battle.

Apparently, Zimmerman decided election night to end his suit, he claims because of a feeling of goodwill in victory even toward those who have wronged him. Which is, if we were forced to speculate, complete bullshit.

The Bulldog, meanwhile, is pressing ahead with their dismissal and request for damages. From everyone at McBlogger, best of luck to the Bulldog!

On a personal note, I think Zimmerman is sad little shitbox who won’t hold that seat longer than one term. During that term, he will be monstrously unsuccessful and he will accomplish few if any goals. Politicians like Zimmerman who have office shopped for years, tell people what they want to hear but never get around to explaining that they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever achieving those goals.

Reminds me of Brigid Shea’s property tax crusade of stupid.

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