Battleground Butthurt: The Intense Butthurt of Battleground Texas

Poor, poor Battleground Texas.

Like a meth addict in denial, they simply cannot admit that their own problems, and not anything external (aside, from perhaps, an uninspiring, poor candidate at the too of the ticket), is the cause of all their problems.

Like a meth addict blaming pancakes and not the pipe for their miserable, rotting, foul-stank teeth, Battleground has found yet another Boogeyman (surprise, surprise):


The Houston Chronicle article referred to is here.

Clearly, Baby Jesus and Santa Clause didn’t hear my pleas when I told them all I wanted for Christmas was the Battleground Butthurt to stop.
Oh, the butthurt is intense. Blistering, in fact. Never mind that this law has been on the books since before the two months Wendy Davis spent in a single-wide with no electricity, or that the largest turn-out primary in Texas history–the 2008 Primaries–happened under essentially the same rules.

Battleground Texas is already setting up the scapegoat for their next round of failure. God, to be the victim of that much butthurt must be intense.

Let’s set aside the fact that re-certification of deputy registrars was a Democratic initiative for a moment, and talk about why it is actually one of our few election laws that actually make sense on its own.

The Legislature meets every two years, save special sessions. Federal court decisions impacting voting rights also occur from time to time. As a result, it is kind of useful to see these people re-certified. It provides some small measure of accountability, and makes sure, among other things, that volunteers know what they are doing is in harmony with the most current statutes.

For Battleground Texas, perhaps time better spent would actually be trying to figure out how to work with all of the varied organizations and campaigns in this state to do something positive other than funneling checks back to Chicago-based consultants quicker and in amounts to rival a Mafioso.

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