Not so much, Bernie…

I’ll be honest… I LIKE HILLARY CLINTON. I like that she blows off the press and that she drops straight, unequivocal quips about abortion. This race ain’t going to be like 2008, it’s going to be her this time and that brings me to the thing I like best about Clinton, that there isn’t a single Republican who can beat her. Not one.

I also like Bernie Sanders. I think he’s fighting the good fight, trying to do something about out of control income and wealth inequality. While we may not agree on solutions, we do agree on the problems and that makes us kissing cousins versus the Republicans who can’t even acknowledge that there is a problem. What kills me about Bernie is that same fucking thing that’s killed me about every fucking leftover socialist, the ability to drop a quote like this:

Hence Sanders’s admonition to CNBC this week: “You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants when children are hungry in this country.”

Yeah, but the problem is that the number of different deodorants has absolutely nothing to do with childhood hunger. The problem of childhood hunger is related to a Congress where the majority wants to punish people for being poor because they took the wrong fucking lesson from Matthew 25… do your best, but don’t do nothing (forget the material aspect of the Bags of Gold parable) and take care of those who are marginalized. So, why not make it about that rather than consumer goods? Because the argument he’s making is a typical command economy socialist argument, the same one that’s been failing for 100 years.

The problem isn’t capitalism, the problem is that we aren’t MANAGING capitalism.

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