Reality Check… Clinton V Sanders

Honestly, articles like this usually make me laugh…

In addition to the 14% of Democrats who won’t support Clinton, 27% would “support her with some reservations” and 11% would “only back her because she is the nominee.”

Based on the CBS News findings, around 52% of Democrats will either stay home or reluctantly drive to the polls. Not the recipe to beat a Republican, who if Clinton is the nominee, will have millions of new conservatives/independents doing everything possible in order to ensure Hillary Clinton doesn’t get elected.

Now, HA Goodman is a Clinton hating nut but this is just crap since his conclusion isn’t supported by the actual datan (Which is OLD AF anyway). 14% won’t show up for Clinton, the others will. That’s after months of a steady negative drumbeat led, ineffectually, by people like HA Goodman which has done nothing to pull Clinton’s numbers down or Sander’s numbers up. In fact, the only thing it’s done is harden a segment of of Bernie supporters into thinking Clinton would be WORSE than whichever racist, misogynist, dirtbag the Republicans nominate. That’s not foolish, it’s completely batshit crazy.

I know most of this will change… by June or early July, most of the ill feeling will be gone and people will wake up and realize there’s an election to win. Should not enough swing over, there’s still a win condition for Clinton… swing right and hippy punch. Independents and working class Republicans (which is, incidentally, what Trump is creating with his economic message and pulling them solidly out of their moralistic ideological slumber) LOVE hearing D’s assert independence from the liberals and the only ones who’ll not turn up to the polls are the ones already suffering from Clinton derangement syndrome.

That option isn’t open to Sanders.

So, go on and be a dick… don’t vote for Hillary if she’s the nominee. BE the petty little bitch we already knew you were. And we’ll win anyway.

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