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Hello! Robert McAtee has created a new email account for you. This email contains login information as well as links to help you set up your new email account. Here is your email information:

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Password: *****************

You can access your email through our simple webmail interface here:

You can also connect to this account with your favorite email program. Automatically configure email clients on your PC, Mac, or iOS device with just a few clicks.

We have a series of tutorials for setting up email for most popular email programs in our KnowledgeBase, which you can read here:

To manage your email preferences directly without the need for your Administrator to get involved, you can use uControl. You can reach uControl using the following URL:

If you wish, you can also log in over SSL using the following secure link:

For more information about uControl and what it can do, please read the following KnowledgeBase article:

If for any reason you need help with your email account, your first point of contact should be:
Robert McAtee
Robert McAtee

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