Religious Left makes another attempt to become relevant

So now Religious Liberals are woke. Better late than never, I guess. Here’s the issue – they want to frame it as Trump’s policies, when it’s been conservative ideology for the past 40 years, and they have accomplished very little to fight it, even though the Evangelist Left has damn well known the whole time that this ideology is destructive

When Rev. Jim Wallis, the evangelical social justice advocate says “Most progressive religious leaders I talk to, almost all of them, feel dissed by the left. The left is really controlled by a lot of secular fundamentalists,” he is as tone-deaf as ever. Many on the left have reached out over the years, only to be stymied by religious liberal leaders and groups equivalating the two major political parties as not to step on toes, though abortion politics or what is going into the church’s coffers play very big roles. After awhile, you just stop asking and go to avenues that are going to be more constructive to your causes.

Let me be clear here. From someone who immersed himself in church social justice issues, and co-founded a diocese social justice advocacy group, my experience is when push comes to shove, the evangelical left is going to back down because of their pacifist nature. Will this time be different? Seeing their many unsuccessful resurgence attempts since the 1970s, I’m hard-pressed to think this will succeed since their fallback excuse for failure is to blame the left for being too diverse.

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