Andrew White : Fuck you, Ted Cruz was right (and Beto SUCKS)!

In today’s episode of OMG,THIS IS WHY I DIDN’T VOTE FOR YOU, Andrew White shares his feelings on how things went for Democrats this year…

I hate to admit it, but Ted Cruz was right. Beto O’Rourke was too liberal for Texas voters. Despite his magnetic charisma, unending work ethic and $70 million war chest, O’Rourke lost — and he lost even though he had almost double the votes of any other Democrat in Texas midterm history. So, what happened? The 254-county strategy didn’t work as planned.

Well, that’s one way of looking at it… another would be that he was touring the state to raise name ID and media interest. Which worked. Sure, I think there was a little bit of doe eyed belief that he could convince rural Republicans to vote for him. I remember hearing a story about how warmly he was received at a Dairy Queen in Pampa and I explained to the person who told the story that people in West Texas are very nice. They’re Texans… polite, willing to listen, and fully capable of shaking your hand and wishing you well without any intention of voting for you. But ultimately, I don’t think he believed he was going to peel off enough R votes in the rural counties to win.

And I feel pretty confident about this because Beto isn’t a dumbass.

Andrew, of course, can’t stop himself and continues the erroneous belief that somehow we have to have rural votes without really understanding what happened this year…

But I think O’Rourke might have missed the point. My father’s advice wasn’t just about visiting rural counties, but also about representing them, and it’s clear that didn’t happen. Rural voters sided sharply for Ted Cruz, giving him 75 percent of the vote in Texas’ 191 rural counties, which made up 11 percent of the total electorate. With Democratic strongholds in urban centers and gains being made in the suburbs, O’Rourke lopsided rural loss proved to be the deciding factor.

And it shocked absolutely no one because it’s gone that way in every election since, what, 98? 2002? To return to the story above, let me tell you about meeting with a large group of farmers from the Tulia area in 2006 and having one of them tell me that they liked what Hank Gilbert, who was running for Ag Commissioner, had to say but they were absolutely going to vote for the Republican. They didn’t care who he was, they were going to vote them.

The more important thing that’s apparently lost on Andrew is that Republicans have maxed out in the rurals and it was barely enough to hold them this cycle. That won’t be the case in 2020 and especially not in 2022. The growth is in the metros and D’s are gaining there. Beto made up one million votes on the margin between Cornyn and Alameel in 2014. Republican votes did increase massively in 2018, but the D votes went up way more, that’s going to continue as the millennials become more engaged. What will also continue? The death of the Republican base… you can see it in an actuarial table.

Andrew White should be able to see this but he’s still too wound up with anger over losing in a primary runoff to a candidate without a real campaign. I would like to wish him well… but really, what’s the point? He’s a petty bitch.

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