You know it’s bad…

… when even Governor Perry is calling for an investigation. That’s what appears to be happening with Jack Stick’s usage of state funds for ‘graph analysis’.

This would be funny if it weren’t so naked. At this point, Republicans aren’t even really trying to hide the corruption any more. Why bother when 50% of the voters in this state would vote for these guys even if they took a shit on the family china. During Christmas dinner.

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Jack Stick back in the news!

Something fun for the Man Who Would Beat Strama…No bid contracts? And, seriously, did he really say Graph Analysis with a straight face?

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John Cornyn never changes

From a politico piece about how Senator Cruz is still acting an asshole comes this quote about the real focus of Sen. John Cornyn…

“Sen. McConnell and I are making the best decisions we can to demonstrate that we are a responsible alternative to what we had the last four years,” said incoming Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, a fellow Texas Republican, when asked about Cruz’s tactics. “So no single member is going to determine that direction. It’s going to be what’s best for the conference — and what’s best for our brand.”

Isn’t it easier when John just admits his focus is on his party rather than the country?

The number two Republican in the Senate is more interested in petty Republican politics than in the country or even his own state of Texas.

Yep, it IS easier.

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A Nu Start

Who did it better?

tobias funke


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Jens Weidmann is the fucking problem

While the Fed was flooding the world with dollars that EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN stupidly said would create hyperinflation (which it didn’t), the Europeans were actually implementing a plan that was almost exactly like the one the Republicans wanted for the US… Cut spending to the bone, cut benefits to the needy, ‘tighten the belt’ and raise interest rates to stop inflation from killing us all. Here, the Republicans only got about half of what they wanted and as a result, our recovery has been building strength month after month.

Europe, meanwhile, has been a disaster. Now, the Europeans are doing what we did and the only reason I’m pointing this out (it’s really not a political thing) is because now, as they have since the credit crisis and crash of 2008, the obstacle is Ze Germans. Specifically, Jens Weidmann at the German Bundesbank. He’s been all over the place whining. THIS is my favorite part…

Mr Weidmann also said that the ECB’s Governing Council, of which he is a member, was more concerned about a prolonged period of low inflation rather than “broad-based deflation”.

The depth of dumb here is stultifying. Using food as an analogy, inflation is like unsweetened tea… no one really likes it, but you can still drink it. Deflation is like being stabbed in the head with a jackhammer while Jens Weidmann stands there, watching, eating an apple that’s clearly started to turn.

The best thing that could happen to the economy in Europe is for Jens Weidmann to take a vacation for a few decades. He’s the reason unemployment is still so unreasonably high and the economy is so bad in Europe.

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Wendles and the Best Ad In The History Of Ever

THIS is fantastic… I’d love to see it paired with a positive track, but even without it’s still a very good ad that plays into the commonly held notion that Greg Abbott is very much about himself (and you can go fuck yourself).

This is one of the few times during this dreary campaign when I’ve been genuinely impressed with the strategy AND the implementation AT THE SAME TIME. I don’t know if this will be enough so late in the game, but I do know that it’s fantastic to see Wendy finally kick the motherfucker in the balls.

And just so we’re clear, I think this ad is FAR too easy on Abbott.

Now, for those of you who think this is desperate, you’re wrong. You don’t run an ad like this, with this kind of restraint, unless you know it’ll move the voters you need to shift. As for the folks out there, especially liberals, who are all wound up over how mean it all is, quit being a dumbass. Especially this guy who is on his fainting couch even now. This is Texas and Abbott has made a big deal about being in a wheel chair… it’s high time Texans had the chance to put that into context with his career shutting the door on other victims.

Outstanding work, Team Wendy.

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The End Is Near

Well, it is for the oil and gas industry in Texas

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples has been selected to head up the Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA) – the state’s largest and oldest petroleum group, sources say.

During Staples tenure at TDA, we’ve seen a prolonged drought and decreased production COUPLED with increased costs. He’s been terrible for an industry that could have been, by now, meeting more than 30% of the states energy needs. When it came to increasing the availability of water, Staples was no where which further hurt agricultural output.

The man, to put it bluntly, is snakebit and his appointment presages a time of disaster if it’s not reversed.

Don’t say you weren’t warned, oil and gas industry.

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The key to success in Government

As part of a public service that’s not at all court mandated (really, I’m doing this just to be nice), I’d like to offer those of you interested in policy and public service a tip that will be make you eminently successful…

When you receive advice from Peggy Venable at Americans For Prosperity – Texas (yes, it’s totally a thing… and it’s a misnomer because their policies would make 98% of the people in this country POORER), you should do the exact opposite.

Seriously, that’s all… I just saw Peggy on TV looking old, sad and just as clueless as a post op lobotomy patient protesting something inane at Austin City Hall. That clip reminded me that I really haven’t spent enough time addressing the poor advice and track record of Peggy Venable.

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“The most drunk Democrat in Texas”


Evidently, Rick Perry never met his predecessor as Lieutenant Governor.

Or any of us, for that matter.

UPDATE: Perry pussied out and removed the tweet. What a twat.

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Seriously, Wendles?

For starters, Kirby DIDN’T owe a thing to the victim, the distributor did. The emotional appeal isn’t going to work… you’re not hitting the right notes and you failed to humanize the victim. The is the ‘silver bullet’ attack that’s failed to take down Abbott for years, but this time you think it’ll work?

Forget what I said here. This is amatuer hour and it’s August. You have two weeks to get your heads in the motherfucking game and let me clue you in on one important point… anticipating a Greg Abbott fuck up carrying you into office isn’t a strategy for a number of reasons, first among them that I doubt you could capitalize on it.

And Zac, feel free to freeze me out… just promise to take me off the campaign email list I never signed up for as well.

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