A quick note to those who would be king…

Turns out, everybody really does want to rule the world. It seems appropriate to warn those in the new aristocracy of how aristocracies typically meet their end.

One other quick note for all the geeks secure in their place in the pecking order, there’s this and finally there’s the rather simple fact that the thin veneer of civilization which you’re so eager to shed protects you. From people far worse than me.

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Wishing Wendles Well

The Observer has a pretty good piece up about the Davis campaign and some advice regarding how to fix things. I agree with much of it except for the idea that Wendy needs to recapture her hero status. I’d really prefer to just see an absence of pandering and a commitment to common sense proposals that will put Texas back on course. It’s not a big leap, it’s just a tiny step… STAND FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN NOT BEING GREG ABBOTT. As for the negative, why is the Davis campaign even talking about General Abbott? In this cycle, on that ballot, HE is a non-entity. There’s a far bigger target that Texans should fear and you’re ignoring him just because he’s in a different race?

Come on, folks… I’m going to give you a week to figure it out and if you can’t, call me and I’ll clue you in.

Until that happens, we’re wishing Wendles nothing but the best but we’re going to focus on LVDP. Speaking of, Stace has a fantastic update on her campaign activities where she’s focused on bringing jobs to Texas unlike her opponent who is hellbent on making them go away.

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The State of Rhode Island has denied access to information regarding hedge fund investments made by public pensions. This is absolutely inexcusable and a clear indication that the hedge funds that received money performed poorly and pension managers should start losing their jobs.

Now, when the hell do you think even one of the dailies in Texas will get around to asking about public pension investments in hedge funds and other alternative investment vehicles? We all know that public pension money is being funnelled to campaign contributors for ‘investment’ but we don’t really know how those investments are performing. Maybe it’s time to find out?

Oh, OK… I’ll fucking do it.

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Wendy Davis surely will fail without help from Obama | Bob Ray Sanders | Fort Worth, Arlingto…

Wendy Davis surely will fail without help from Obama | Bob Ray Sanders | Fort Worth, Arlingto….

Spot on piece from Bob Ray Sanders at the Star-T. The old school paradigm of running from national Democrats has failed over and over again in large part because Texans respect strength and that strategy projects weakness.

To the folks in the Davis campaign who don’t want the President here, let me share two facts with you:

1) You’re a dumbass if you think the R’s will ‘use’ Obama to hurt Wendles if she meets him. That will happen regardless. People who will think she’s an Obama puppet won’t vote for her anyway. Your concern is counterproductive and you’re stupid.

2) Snubbing the President shows a LARGE number of your base voters that you don’t give a crap about them or the President. That’s demoralizing. While you ARE the nominee, we can all stay home… put away your ‘get behind it or else’ crap.

Over the last few weeks, you’ve hit the skids and it sucks to watch. You’re back to running the Sample Democratic Campaign – Statewide TX. Fucking quit it and get you head back in the game. Start by realizing that there’s someone else on the R ticket who’d be much more fun to run against. But, if you don’t get that, then you’re fucked and Wendles might as well quit the race.

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How to Renounce America and Still Be Called a Patriot – NationalJournal.com

How to Renounce America and Still Be Called a Patriot – NationalJournal.com.

We should also explore a 15% duty on goods and services sold by a company that Treasury determines engaged in inversion.

Time to take the gloves off, not rewrite the corporate tax code. This isn’t about draconian taxation, this is about a substandard CEO who isn’t growing the business. Instead, she’s boosting earnings by cutting expenses. THAT’S what happens when tax rates get too low… you stop making investments and start looking at how best to take as much as you can get.

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Throwing out Corporate Personhood

Let me state that I get the NEED for limited personhood to be afforded to artificial constructs. However, it’s clear that we have forgotten one thing and it’s that corporations are NOT natural constructs, they are creations of their founders, run for the benefit of their shareholders and chartered by the state.

So, yeah, I would agree that it’s time to end or seriously curtail the extension of the 14th Amendment to a collection of paper. This Supreme Court will not do that, so Congress MUST act.

And yeah, I get how funny that is as well.

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Another way to make fun of Deepak Chopra

From The Mayor (who really does need to post more) comes this wonderful site.

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Gringos & Other Assholes: Recollections From The 2014 TDP Convention

Yours truly was able to escape from the Home for Retired Fast Food Mascots just long enough over the past few days to attend the Texas Democratic Party’s 2014 Convention in Dallas. I continue to thank god that it was not held in Corpus Christi, because they would have had to carry my ass out of that overly-humid town in an ambulance to the nearest location with less than 98% humidity and skanky seawater.

I brought Birdie back a Wendy Davis sign, and she and The King are already snorting lines off of it–and it isn’t even 10 a.m. My work here is done!

Seriously, though, not a bad convention. On the bright side, the drinking at this convention was finally significant enough to put me on a list for a liver transplant (THANK YOU, HAPPY HOURS!). On the downside, who the hell were all the 20-somethings at this convention? For a minute, I thought that a chapter of Delta Tau Delta had taken over operations of the convention floor–then I realized all those kids were actually sober. There were so many damned volunteers and young people (TDP Fellows, I think they call them now), that all old-timers like Bill Brannon had to do was stand at the door of the Rural Caucus room and re-direct people to other locations–and Harold Cook must have left early because I didn’t see him anywhere. With all those kids running around in suits, the old-hands didn’t seem to have much to do (which is good, because those guys have been carrying this thing on their back for the last two decades, and they deserve a break).

Aside from running with an efficiency not seen during the reign of the Graham Cracker as Party Chair, and those fucking mustache posters (seriously–the biggest joke teetering under the surface of the convention had to do with mustache rides), it was a pretty normal convention.

So far, the only thing I’ve found that the right-wing has been too much up-in-arms over is Trey Martinez Fischer’s comment about GOP standing for, “Gringos y otros Pendejos.” See this. Sadly, though, that one is too funny even for most Republicans to get their panties in too much of a twist. And, since Michael L. Williams is the only African American I’m aware of in the Republican Party of Texas, it has the added virtue of being at least true enough to laugh at. Plus, I think Trey Martinez Fischer is at least half gringo (Fischer, anyone?), so that must surely temper the Republican outrage.

So, now that the niceties (i.e., saying just enough about the convention to prove I was at least sober enough to be at parts of it) are out of the way, it’s time for a list of shit. Because it is Monday, my liver hurts, and I am still traumatized by the site of Leticia Van De Putte’s hands laying waste to a plate of chicken. So deal with it.

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Well f*ck you too, Ken

Ken Herman has a nice little rant about the anniversary of the Davis filibuster in the Statesman. It’s honestly not a bad piece and I find myself agreeing with him or, rather, I would agree with him if his recollection matched reality. There are two niggling points…

1) The ‘screamers’ didn’t start screaming until Dewhurst acted to cut off Sen. Davis based on nothing. When the majority in the Senate can’t be bothered to do what’s right, those from the outside, peacefully, SHOULD do their part. The fact that Herman doesn’t see it that way is disturbing and frankly surprising given that he’s not a stupid guy. Where is Herman’s indignation at the fact that NOT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN stood with the Democrats to stop Lt. Governor Dewhurst from moving to cut off Senator Davis?

2) There’s a larger point here that the press better get around soon… the idea that they need to upbraid Democrats for not acting weakly and then NEVER TAKE REPUBLICANS TO TASK ON ANYTHING. That’s why the title of this piece reads the way it does… I refuse to take ANY criticism from a Pulitzer winner who doesn’t bother to even mention the anti-Democratic actions of the Senate Majority trying to silence the Minority.

Of course, none of this even matters… less than 20k people will bother to read Herman’s piece, fewer still will care. Poorly written commentary like this is why print media continues it’s long, slow death.

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The end of Chris Christie?

At Heart of Christie Inquiry, a Law Feared on Wall Street – NYTimes.com.

This could be the thing that finally takes down the bloviating asshole.

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