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Oh, FloShap… that was REALLY stupid

From this article at the Texas Tribune comes some classic Florence Shapiro, Republican Senator from Plano (that place north of the LBJ freeway I like to call OKLAHOMA) “Let’s look at it as we are bringing rigor and more efficiency … Continue reading

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What’s your damage, Heather?

So Perry and The Dew have said that the ‘rainy day fund’ is off limits which makes me wonder exactly what the hell it’s there for? Seriously, you reserve money in savings to make sure you can cover potential budget … Continue reading

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Just in case you were wondering…

… SURPRISE! It turns out The People would rather cut spending on the military than Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid. I mention this by way of the President’s SOTU address this evening. Digby has more on other polling that’s been done … Continue reading

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Attention Gary Kreep, Bob Barr and Victoria Jackson

I AM STILL USING THE INTERNETS. OBAMA DIDN’T TAKE IT AWAY. YOU CAN CALM DOWN NOW AND QUIT TRYING TO SCARE MONEY OUT OF PEOPLE. In case you’re wondering, the birthers over at ‘The United States Justice Foundation’ have been … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance

As lawmakers face down a budget crisis, Perry reiterated a promise to make up the double-digit shortfall with cuts and not new taxes. “The frail, the young, the elderly on fixed incomes, those in situations of abuse and neglect, people … Continue reading

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