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A word about the media…

As Digby as often pointed out, when the talking heads on TV talk about ‘sacrifice’ and ‘cutbacks’ they’re talking about us, not themselves. They make about ten times the median income, close to $400k per year. It’s not that journo’s … Continue reading

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Boehner brings the stupid

Well, not everyone can be smart, well spoken and understand economic realities. We’re certainly glad that for those people, there’s Speaker Boehner, the dumbest little packaging salesman ever to burst onto the scene in Ohio. The jobs number is out … Continue reading

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Attention, morons : It’s not the spending, it’s the INCOME

All of DC is throwing a fit over deficits and, despite that fact that it’s VERY overwrought, it’s time. However, the problem isn’t as many (mostly Republicans and a few Democrats) insist spending and long term entitlements. Aside from our … Continue reading

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What’s your damage, Heather?

So Perry and The Dew have said that the ‘rainy day fund’ is off limits which makes me wonder exactly what the hell it’s there for? Seriously, you reserve money in savings to make sure you can cover potential budget … Continue reading

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Just in case you were wondering…

… SURPRISE! It turns out The People would rather cut spending on the military than Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid. I mention this by way of the President’s SOTU address this evening. Digby has more on other polling that’s been done … Continue reading

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Deficit Reduction Garbage

So the Catfood Commission meets and lo and behold, they come back with some of the same things I recommended years ago. Except for one small piece… THEY DON’T ADVOCATE MODERATE TAX INCREASES AND RE-PROGRESSIVIZING THE TAX CODE. Which, just … Continue reading

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