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Niall Ferguson and the triumph of the middling

This is, frankly, just an incredible piece of stupidity and all the more reason that people no longer take Newsweek seriously. Here’s the most amazing part… And then there are the assets that have the potential to be among the … Continue reading

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Attention, morons : It’s not the spending, it’s the INCOME

All of DC is throwing a fit over deficits and, despite that fact that it’s VERY overwrought, it’s time. However, the problem isn’t as many (mostly Republicans and a few Democrats) insist spending and long term entitlements. Aside from our … Continue reading

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Good job, Mr. President

Seriously, the tone and the delivery of the speech were perfect. For the first time since his election, this President covered the concerns of Republicans and Independents without conceding their arguments or assertions and while maintaining a focus on actually … Continue reading

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Just in case you were wondering…

… SURPRISE! It turns out The People would rather cut spending on the military than Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid. I mention this by way of the President’s SOTU address this evening. Digby has more on other polling that’s been done … Continue reading

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The Speech : The only negative thing you’ll read about it today

Well, other than this bit of inanity from Kirsten Dipshit who is a political analyst on FoxNews and writes for the NY Post (which are, coincidentally, both owned by News Corp), this is probably the only negative thing you will … Continue reading

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I hope Larry Summers kills himself

Seriously, Larry the Lame? White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers said the compromise deal on taxes between the administration and congressional Republicans will help remove doubt about the U.S. economic recovery, which faces more challenges because of Europe‚Äôs financial turmoil. … Continue reading

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We needed FDR; We got Carter

Politics is about perception and, unfortunately the perception of the President is that he’s a weak and willing to do anything to cut a deal. The perception is that he’s willing to compromise any policy for politics. And that’s just … Continue reading

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Deficit Reduction Garbage

So the Catfood Commission meets and lo and behold, they come back with some of the same things I recommended years ago. Except for one small piece… THEY DON’T ADVOCATE MODERATE TAX INCREASES AND RE-PROGRESSIVIZING THE TAX CODE. Which, just … Continue reading

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