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Is Governor Perry on drugs? Or giving interviews while drunk?

I don’t know how else to explain this… Gov. Rick Perry on Thursday dismissed a controversy about the governance of the University of Texas as “a waste of time” and said he is instead focusing on elevating the climate of … Continue reading

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Good job, Mr. President

Seriously, the tone and the delivery of the speech were perfect. For the first time since his election, this President covered the concerns of Republicans and Independents without conceding their arguments or assertions and while maintaining a focus on actually … Continue reading

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Attention Gary Kreep, Bob Barr and Victoria Jackson

I AM STILL USING THE INTERNETS. OBAMA DIDN’T TAKE IT AWAY. YOU CAN CALM DOWN NOW AND QUIT TRYING TO SCARE MONEY OUT OF PEOPLE. In case you’re wondering, the birthers over at ‘The United States Justice Foundation’ have been … Continue reading

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Sleazy Staples and the Pyramid Scheme

Oh, well this just gets better and better… Apparently, Todd Staples along with this brother in law masterminded a pyramid scheme in the 1990s and escaped prosecution possibly through connections and one of Todd‘s own votes while in the Lege. … Continue reading

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Roundin’ up the TPA

The Texas Progressive Alliance hopes you all have voted or will be voting soon as it brings you this week’s blog roundup. This week at McBlogger, we take a look at the increasingly desperate campaign being run by Todd Staples. … Continue reading

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Oh, I wouldn’t do that…Miner the Moron and Staples the Sociopath

Someone really needs to pull Mark Miner aside and remind old boy about that thing with the people who like to throw stones and represent folks who live in glass houses… Speaking to reporters Wednesday at City Hall, Parker said … Continue reading

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Debate 101

OK, here’s a newsflash… REPUBLICANS DON’T WANT TO DEBATE. From SleazySleazy Staples to Governor Perry to the mooks on the SBOE, they’re afraid they’ll get the shit kicked out of them. Let’s all remember Perry’s abysmal performance during the primary … Continue reading

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