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Family Ties Old and New

Even after many Americans proved their ignorance by their laughably-sad insults against Czechs in response to the Boston Marathon bombings (Chechnya, the country where the bombers had connections, is about 2,000 miles away from the Czech Republic), the Czechs were … Continue reading

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Our great friend, Speaker Straus… The Great Exaggerator

So our Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, got spooked at the beginning of the session by noted astroturfers and unbelievably fake people, Mucous and Piggy Venable as well as the cast of vagrants they call allies. As a result, … Continue reading

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Abbott, Watson working together to do something retarded

REALLY? Attorney General Greg Abbott and Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, want “sexting” — sending or receiving pornographic images via cell phones — to be a criminal offense for teenagers. Watson filed a bill last week that would making sexting illegal … Continue reading

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Oh, FloShap… that was REALLY stupid

From this article at the Texas Tribune comes some classic Florence Shapiro, Republican Senator from Plano (that place north of the LBJ freeway I like to call OKLAHOMA) “Let’s look at it as we are bringing rigor and more efficiency … Continue reading

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Calling Bullshit : Perry, ERCOT and failure to keep Texans warm

Like all of you, I woke up to the news this AM that Texas would be enjoying rolling blackouts. Apparently, there’s some ‘problem’ at undisclosed generation stations. Now, I think that sounds just a wee bit fishy, especially since this … Continue reading

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Good job, Mr. President

Seriously, the tone and the delivery of the speech were perfect. For the first time since his election, this President covered the concerns of Republicans and Independents without conceding their arguments or assertions and while maintaining a focus on actually … Continue reading

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Attention Gary Kreep, Bob Barr and Victoria Jackson

I AM STILL USING THE INTERNETS. OBAMA DIDN’T TAKE IT AWAY. YOU CAN CALM DOWN NOW AND QUIT TRYING TO SCARE MONEY OUT OF PEOPLE. In case you’re wondering, the birthers over at ‘The United States Justice Foundation’ have been … Continue reading

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So, yeah, the traffic is Teh Suck here

If you’ve tried to go, say 4 miles, through town or maybe northwest between 3:30 and 7:00, you know it can take you more than an hour. However, we’ve not had a real research study to prove just how bad … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance

As lawmakers face down a budget crisis, Perry reiterated a promise to make up the double-digit shortfall with cuts and not new taxes. “The frail, the young, the elderly on fixed incomes, those in situations of abuse and neglect, people … Continue reading

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GHW Bush loves him some used car salesman

President GHW Bush announced that he will endorse former Secretary of State Roger Williams for the US Senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison. Which means that Roger will probably come in dead last in the Republican Primary, mostly … Continue reading

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