The NRCC shoots its popgun at Shannon Hutcheson

In what has to be the lamest press release since Rick Perry announced he was abandoning the 2016 Republican Presidential race along with his hopes of being a real person, the NRCC decides to stick with proven to fail language against a candidate in the Democratic Primary for TX CD 10…

“Shannon Hutcheson is just another carpetbagging socialist Democrat running to be a rubber stamp for all of the left’s extreme policies, from the oil and gas killing Green New Deal to socialized medicine. Hutcheson’s entry into the primary ensures that whichever socialist comes out on top will be broke and badly damaged heading into next November.” – NRCC Spokesman Bob Salera

The post on the site is by Bob Salera who loves himself so much that he quotes himself. Since I am no stranger to self love, here are some quotes from me.

“I really think Shannon Hutcheson is an exceptional candidate to take on Rep. McCaul because she’s not named Mike or McCaul. She’s also a woman, unlike Rep. McCaul who is not. ” -McBlogger

“Shannon is exceptionally well positioned to win this race, especially since she believes that women (who make up more than half of CD 10) can make medical decisions for themselves without the help of Rep. McCaul or Bob Salera.” – McBlogger

“Tootsie DOTS are really the perfect candy for anything from a movie, to a road trip, to watching a Democrat finally retake CD 10 from Rep. McCaul.” -McBlogger

“Now, I’ll be the first to say I’m not the smartest person in the room most of the time, but in this case it’s really puzzling to me why you’d reuse the same old attacks like ‘socialist!’ and ‘carpetbagger!’ and ‘socialist!’ that didn’t work so well the last time your guy was at bat.” -McBlogger

“It takes a world class pair of low hanging huevos to suit up and do battle on behalf of a chickenhawk bitch like Rep. McCaul, a man whose greatest achievement in life is marrying well and who will go down, much like the President, on any Russian he can find.” -McBlogger

Look, I get it, you’re the spokesgolem for the NRCC and you’re holding the kind of losing hand that would even make the toughest poker player collapse in a fit of rage induced crying. We’ve all been there… but you gotta dig deep and find something better than ‘socialist’. Shit just don’t work the way it used to.

It’s also a good idea to have staff post to your blog if you’re going to quote yourself.

Go throw some support Shannon Hutcheson’s way!

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