Debate 101

OK, here’s a newsflash… REPUBLICANS DON’T WANT TO DEBATE. From SleazySleazy Staples to Governor Perry to the mooks on the SBOE, they’re afraid they’ll get the shit kicked out of them.

Let’s all remember Perry’s abysmal performance during the primary debates. Yeah, sure, Perry is totally ready to take on Bill White. Whatev.

Here’s another stunningly obvious observation… the public doesn’t care. Debates are a worthless waste of time, especially in the formats that are basically opening-statement-statement-closing. People would pay far more attention if debates were actually issues focused, the moderators weren’t stymied by campaigns that are constantly threatening to pull out (insert crass birth control joke here) and it was more of a free for all.

Putting a WWE logo in the lower right hand corner of the screen couldn’t hurt either.

These two truths make the media circle jerk about a debate kinda stupid. They also distract from questions about Perry and his time in office…

1) How, exactly, did a poor farm boy from West Texas, spending almost his entire adult life as an elected official, become a multi-millionaire?

2) Homeowners Insurance rates have skyrocketed while coverage has declined. Rick’s appointees to TDI have done nothing. Does that have anything to do with the amount of money contributed to Perry by the insurance industry? Or, does Perry just like industries that screw his constituents?

3) While Perry has been all about bluster with regard to Washington and President Obama in public, in private he’s been busily begging every Republican in Congress from Texas for as much money as they can get. Why won’t Perry just admit the budget here is just as jacked as CA’s?

4) Speaking of the budget, how much damage did this stupid decision do? Also, let’s compare much lauded TX with much criticized CA… the reality is both states are in roughly the same fiscal condition DESPITE the fact that CA is running a 2% higher unemployment rate. An unemployment rate that’s not, as Perry has erroneously claimed, caused by anti-business policies, it’s just a recession.

5) Speaking of the economy, Perry has been lying all over the state about Texas being first in the nation… it’s not. North Dakota has a lower unemployment rate than we do, PA is close to us in job creation (and FAR lower in terms of state deficit) and it’s even managed by a Democratic Governor. Of course, Ed Rendell is about three times the man Rick Perry is.

6) What about the enterprise fund? Still no answers on that

7) WHEN are you going to stand up for REAL eminent domain reform? At least Sleazy Todd Staples tried to hide his efforts to make it easier for the government and businesses to take individual’s land with some website designed to give the illusion that he cares about homeowners in this state.

All in all, setting pre-conditions on a debate are stupid. If people actually cared that would really piss them off which would, now that I think about it, probably make Perry laugh. After all, he didn’t seem to care so much how upset people got when he tried to give private companies the power to take their homes and land. In fact, if Bill White really wanted a solid campaign issue, it would be telling everyone in this state that they have one big enemy…

Rick Perry.

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