If you think the last two years have been bad…

… you have no idea how bad they can get should Democrats lose.

Sunday night while having drinks, Harry (my attorney who posts ever so infrequently because he’s just terribly busy suing people for me) made the comment that it sure would be nice if we could give all the angry, boomer Republicans who are so sure they have the answers to all our problems the ability to realize their delusional fantasies about budget cuts, tax cuts and finally punishing people without dragging the rest of us into what is sure to be a hellish nightmare*.

Of course, that can’t happen. If they win, we all lose. Trust me on this, you haven’t seen bad until you see what will happen as a result of the ideas of idiots like Rep. Ryan, Rep. Pence and, of course, Rep. Bachmann.

I hate what President Obama and most Congressional Democrats are right now. I think they’re stupid, spineless and completely beholden to an antique belief that bipartisanship will save the day, not to mention overly quiescent to corporate power. However, even as craven as they are, today’s Republicans are orders of magnitude worse.

I’ve been troubled for weeks about what to say to voters who don’t really feel a need to get out an vote for Democrats. After reading this, I know. For sure.


Let’s all remember that the only President, in the last 30 years, to balance the budget and cut federal spending was Democratic. Let’s remember that our most recent Republican President (remember him?) doubled the national debt with a completely unnecessary war and tax cuts that did nothing to stimulate the economy and instead went to make the wealthy even wealthier (it also did nothing to create jobs despite the more creative histories being generated by the right wing blogosphere). Let’s remember that this President, while pretty damn worthless, has at least not been nearly as much of a screw up as our previous. While it’s sad that is a positive in America, 2010, it’s reality. Suck it up.

We’re in this position because of an economic collapse and historically high deficit/debt handed down from the Republicans, compounded with the weak response from President Obama and Congressional Democrats. However, at the very least, their actions did pull the economy out of it’s free fall. What the Republicans want to do now is put us back into the fall, this time while wearing a vest made of lead.

And finally, frankly, we have some outstanding Democrats running here in Texas that show none of the weakness of Democrats in DC. They’re leaders, ready to make government work again and they deserve your vote.

It’s time to take a stand against your conservative parents and grandparents who, frankly, just have no idea what they’re talking about. We tried it their way for 30 years and we’re in the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. If you want to return there, stay home. Do nothing.

But, if you want at least a chance at a better future, and the possibility of action, vote Democratic. As for the candidates who might read this, if we manage to get you re-elected (or, in many cases here in Texas, elected) DO YOUR JOBS THIS TIME.

*Yes, I’m absolutely positive that’s what will come from the current crop of Republicans. It’s all a prescription for the crap that’s either already failed (when it was tried in the 30s) or got us into the mess in the first place. Plus, I actually do know something about economics, business and finance… at the very least, I’m not so stupid as to think businesses would give up profit because of a minor tax increase. Certainly can’t say that about the Republicans.

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