(Reality) Check, Please

There’s a new poll out in the governor’s race and it ain’t good news. Unlike some previous predictions which seemed to show the brass ring within grasp of Bill White, the latest model shows the Governor For Life opening up a double-digit lead over the challenger… a wider margin than he achieved in 2006’s four way with the hapless Chris Bell.

No word on the other statewide races but seriously: how well do you really think our barely-funded, almost invisible downballot candidates are going to fare against Big Red? Which is really a shame, because we have some pretty good folks on the ticket. A few nuts, too, but still better than the republican kooks, creeps and crackpots who will most likely be toasting victory soon after the polls close on Tuesday night.

Hopefully the Democrats will hold on to near-parity and relevance in the House. Or maybe I’m just whistling past the graveyard and one morning next week Leo Berman will be announcing he has enough pledges to be the next Speaker.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be at the bar. For a long time.

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