A whiny Fatback says what?

Former fat lineman Dan Neil has decided to take his retarded little election challenge all the way to the House. His argument?

But he and his supporters think he should have been given the straight-ticket votes on overseas ballots. Travis County election officials say those votes only count in statewide races, whether down-ballot races are on the ballots or not. Neil contests that and says enough votes are at stake in that argument to swing the election his way. His side also says 1,900 felons might have been allowed to vote in the election. That’s legal in some states, but not in this one. [Editor’s note: Felons get to start voting again after they’ve been pardoned or have served out their sentences.]

‘Enough’ votes, Dan? Care to elaborate? As for the ‘felons’, I’m relatively certain they’re eligible to vote. Travis County makes a habit of not registering those who haven’t completed their probation. It would be super awesome if you would, you know, FUCKING PAY ATTENTION TO ELECTION LAWS. Since you’re going to be in a position to write them. This is like Jack Stick, part two.

Tell you what, Dan… just go back to having a burger at the bar of the Austin Country Club and leave the rest of us to run the fucking state. It’s clear that, frankly, you’re not up to the task and are, in fact, little more than a whiny bitch.

As a former fat lineman, I can only offer my apologies for this goddamn retard. And Dan, seriously, SHUT THE FUCK UP, MOOK. Everyone knows you ran your race badly and you lost as a result (for the love of mike, you haven’t even updated your website since August). Quit wasting our time and go back to sleep. The last thing you want me doing is filing an information request to find out how much of your income is derived from medicare/medicaid payments.

Oh, and please tell Phil King I said HOWDY!

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