What’s your damage, Heather?

So Perry and The Dew have said that the ‘rainy day fund’ is off limits which makes me wonder exactly what the hell it’s there for? Seriously, you reserve money in savings to make sure you can cover potential budget gaps in the future. Well, the money is there. It’s the future and we have a budget gap. So, let’s use the damn money so we don’t have to go pick up grandma at the nursing home where she’s having fun with people her own age and listening to church youth groups sing, badly.

Oh, and so we can also educate the next generation of idiots I’ll have to manage in my own special, completely arbitrary and fear inspiring way.

This is, without a doubt, the dumbest of the dumb issues to spring up in Our Season Of Austerity. USE THE DAMN MONEY. Running a very close second would have to be calling the sonogram bill and Voter ID bill ’emergencies’. I mention this purely because they’re not budget related (and honestly that’s all they should be dealing with right now) and they’re hardly emergencies. We’ve already wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on Voter ID only to have not a single person convicted, which makes putting these issues in the emergency mix pretty dumb. Kind of like Elizabeth Ames Jones filing for Senate which is dumb not because an interior decorator can’t be a good Senator, but because it’s Elizabeth Ames Jones who redefines lightweight even in terms of aerogel.

For more on what the Lege is up to, check out CA’s continuous coverage cavalcade.

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