Is Governor Perry on drugs? Or giving interviews while drunk?

I don’t know how else to explain this

Gov. Rick Perry on Thursday dismissed a controversy about the governance of the University of Texas as “a waste of time” and said he is instead focusing on elevating the climate of entrepreneurship at the university with a goal of making Austin “the next Silicon Valley.”

“I can tell you, there’s not been anything that I have done in my public life that I found more intriguing and more exciting than the potential of that becoming a reality,” Perry said in an interview with the American-Statesman. “Somewhere in America, Silicon Valley will be replicated. I want it to be in Austin, Texas.”

Would someone on Rick’s staff bitchslap him and remind him that Austin already produces more silicon and chip manufacturing equipment than Silicon Valley and none of it was because of him. We also have the largest PC manufacturer in the world as well as a ton of pioneering software and social networking companies and a vibrant venture and angel capital community. UT already has a priority on commercializing technologies and they seem to be doing a pretty good job with it (UT’s about 10 years behind Stanford). Yes, Governor, a bunch of liberals have created a high tech hub in the Texas Hill Country without you even realizing DESPITE THE FACT that you’ve been an elected official based in Austin for more than 25 years? Do you seriously not remember MCC? Sematech?

While Perry has been handing out taxpayer millions to crooked banks like Countrywide/Bank Of America, entrepreneurs here have been quietly building the future leaders of the tech industry. We urge Perry not to fuck it up like he has the state budget, public education and state government. Oh, and it would be swell if Governor Perry would also quit lying about his love affair with the TPPF (come on, Governor, we know how much you loves you some Talmadge Heflin)…

“I’m a very, very strong supporter of theirs,” Perry said of the foundation. “They are a quality outfit.

“Do I agree with everything that they put out? Nope,” he said. He declined to go into a point-by-point discussion.

You know, a coquettish 25 year old can do coy. An aging fratboy politician who is pushing retirement age and whose face looks like a used and abused fake Coach handbag can not. Also, a man who has spent almost zero time in the private sector (none of which was in an entrepreneurial organization) is probably not the best person to drive any sort of private sector initiative, especially when he’s being advised by a public policy foundation staffed almost exclusively by the dregs of the earth who probably couldn’t get a job even at the Heritage Foundation where the application consists of being willing to debase yourself for Exxon and ‘breathing’.

Not to mention that TPPF’s ideas and Governor Perry’s will likely lead to almost 200k job losses in the private sector alone.

No, please turn your help elsewhere. We’ve seen you screw up far too much to desire your help. Let Austin be Austin.

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