Dumb and Dumbererererererer

So, there’s this article in the DMN about the city elections in early May and the effect they’ll have on whether the Trinity Toll Road becomes a thing. Obviously, I started writing this the week after the election but I got busy living my life and put it aside. Here, I offer my thoughts as a now FORMER Austinite and current Dallas resident (at this point I only cry a little in the mornings and when I write that I’m ‘a current Dallas resident’).

When it comes to stupid, I want to point out that no one in Dallas has a damn thing on this councilmember who, like so many politicians destined to see their political careers in flames, has made the mistake of confusing causation with correlation…

“They are wanting to make sure we continue with what we’ve been working on,” (Councilmember Monica) Alonzo said of her constituents in West Dallas.

Alonzo is a big fan of the Trinity Toll Road, in case you didn’t know (she’s also fond of using ARE and WITH when it’s completely unnecessary). While no one has bothered to poll her constituents, who are mostly five guys trapped in that Waffle House near NW Highway after a bachelor party that went all kinds of wrong, it’s believed they (LIKE THE REST OF THE DALLAS) think the tollroad is a hellacious idea.

Mark Clayton in East Dallas (which is NOT Austin, by the way … and it’s not fucking LIKE Austin either, so quit lying about that), is running really close to CM Alonzo in thinking that he won because he listened to voters (not really, they just liked you and there weren’t that many of them so don’t get a big head about it and all… you’re a Councilmember which, while a step above a State Representative or Senator, still is pretty low on the public service totem pole). He’s someone we like because he’s going to kill the TTR dead, like the cockroach IT FUCKING IS.

Finally, let’s all remember, when we talk about this asstastic idea that this picture needs to come to mind. And the toll road would be under water in this picture.

Trinity Flood Plain a the MHH Bridge

It’s also worth noting that this picture isn’t even of the really bad flooding we’ve seen over the past week.

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