We Are Doomed!

Haven’t got out much lately, but I keep hearing that since Uber and Lyft have left, Austin has descended into a Dark Age where chaos and anarchy reign, and every day is a battle with death.
Emperor Adler and his minions on the High Court, who have become billionaires from the largess of the ominous taxi cartel, have imposed more draconian and dictatorial sanctions on the citizenry.
Meanwhile, the glorious libertarian Silicon Valley gods are bewildered and have gone into consultation with their spiritual guides and yoga instructors to understand why the peasants have rejected their manna and gift of a bright utopian wonderland. The spiritual residue of Ayn Rand is livid.
Y’all be careful out there.

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One Response to We Are Doomed!

  1. Gotta say, it was a gutpunch when the cable companies and major chains joined the exodus. Thank God I can still usually get network sitcoms on my rabbit-ear set while I eat my frozen TV dinner. For Memorial Day weekend, we’re going to borrow a page from our grandparents’ playbook and spend the evening on a blanket in the front yard visiting with neighbors, catching fireflies, and enjoying some Big Band swing music on the transistor radio.