BitchBoy and the Capital Whining Caucus

Of all the silly commentators who are still phoning it in, Matthew Dowd stands out for his delusions about compromise and ‘the way things should be’.

In this latest piece of trash, Dowd calls out Rep. Tlaib for using the word ‘motherfucker’. His first line of attack is the vulgarity of the word motherfucker because apparently profanity is a big deal for Dowd and his kids who apparently are living in a bubble in 1952.

His second issue is that this doesn’t help the Democrats…

Second, from a purely political perspective, her comments aren’t helpful to the Democratic party in bridging divides and accomplishing what I know she wants to accomplish. In order to achieve success in politics, one must bring consensus to get the common good, and this kind of talk goes in the opposite direction of that. If she really wants the Democrats to succeed in Congress, and pass public policy, then her party is going to need the support of people who don’t feel the way she does. She is going to have to be part of building bridges with people who don’t think like her or talk in that way. And to that goal, her language sets her back.

Actually, from an electoral standpoint, the Democrats ARE the consensus… there is no divide to be bridged. Lookit, it’s simple… the Republicans are a continuously sliding slice of the pie, in no position to expect or demand anything. They compromise with us or there is no compromise… as Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer have made quite clear, we’re willing to go the distance on anything to stop the bullshit. There is no point trying to appeal to the better nature of Republicans… they just don’t have one anymore.

Finally, Dowd cribs from MLK and alludes to Michelle Obama (think ‘When they go low, we go high’) , completely missing that we are the majority and the time for ‘being nice’ has passed.

Frankly, ABC would be far better served with someone less clueless. Just as it’s ridiculous to keep giving a platform to folks like Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders, it’s stupid to give one to Matthew Dowd who frankly is about as disconnected from reality as the President at this point.

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