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Default not such a good idea

The former Chief Economist of the IMF, Simon Johnson, was unequivocal about the effects of a US default which is being floated by some of the more ignorant members of Congress… “It would be very damaging, there’s no question about … Continue reading

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So, yeah, the traffic is Teh Suck here

If you’ve tried to go, say 4 miles, through town or maybe northwest between 3:30 and 7:00, you know it can take you more than an hour. However, we’ve not had a real research study to prove just how bad … Continue reading

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I hope Larry Summers kills himself

Seriously, Larry the Lame? White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers said the compromise deal on taxes between the administration and congressional Republicans will help remove doubt about the U.S. economic recovery, which faces more challenges because of Europe‚Äôs financial turmoil. … Continue reading

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